Claude Pressoir
Shark coordinator

Claude was born in Petite Riviere de Nippes, the son of the mayor and a born leader. While in high school at CESA, he started working with Haiti Ocean Project. After graduating high school, he spent the next three years in Port au Prince studying management and hospitality in college, but his dream was to become a marine biologist. So, he decided to return to his hometown and put his focus and dedication in marine conservation.

The youth looked up to Claude, so he was able to introduce many young people in his community towards getting involved with Haiti Ocean Project. He also traveled to other local villages to spread the message of marine conservation. Most interested in sharks, Claude took on a even bigger role in July, 2019 when the M/V Alucia research vessel traveled to Haiti to develop a plan to protect the juvenile oceanic whitetip shark population. Since then, Claude has singlehandedly taken measurements, samples, removed hooks and successfully released over a dozen.

As one of the leaders of Haiti Ocean Project for 10 years, Claude has never given up trying to save Haiti’s marine life. At an early age, he began to appreciate the ocean and marine species. He hopes to have a career in marine conservation and do more to help Haiti’s marine ecosystem.